Getting Started: Jim Gellatly (Amazing Radio/The Scottish Sun)

Off The Record spoke to Amazing Radio presenter Jim Gellatly about life in the music business...

Q: How did you get your start in music? 

A: I did a media studies course a college and then went for a couple of years work experience at Moray Firth Radio in Inverness. The 2 weeks turned into 3 years and I eventually got paid for doing stuff. I was always interested in new and emerging bands, so radio seemed an ideal platform to share my passion. Somehow I've managed to get away with it for over 20 years now. Not bad for someone who can't hold a note when singing and don't play an instrument. I'm definitely coming at it as a punter rather than muso!

Q: What is best thing about your work?

A: There's no better feeling than when someone says they've discovered a band through what I do. That really makes it worthwhile. I love sharing new music, and it's great when acts I've supported early on move on in their career. I've got a lot of freedom in terms of what I do on the radio, which is a very rare thing these days in commercial radio.

Q: Give us one tip for anyone looking to work in music

A: Be nice and don't piss people off. First impressions can be very important, and if you come across as genuine it can make a difference. I've met some really nice people and some really horrible people. I know who I'd rather work with and help.

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