Off The Record started life as part of the community interest company Born To Be Wide in 2013 with a series of events for young musicians and aspiring musical professionals. Off The Record is open to anyone aged 16-25, and aims to provide a platform in Scotland to inspire and empower young people to pursue a career in the music industry.

Since 2013, Off The Record has organised and delivered 7 events for young people across Scotland, providing insights and advice on how to pursue a career in music. This has enabled participants to build relationships with organisations including the BBC, DF Concerts, The Skinny magazine, numerous managers, promoters, labels and more.

Attendees have secured paid work, been booked to perform at high profile venues and festivals, received national airplay and been featured in national media.

Off The Record was the first music business event in the UK to commit to a gender balanced speaker programme, always takes place in wheelchair accessible venues and is committed to providing opportunities for young people in the top 15% areas on the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation.


In November 2018, we hosted two Off The Record events in Dundee and Edinburgh to celebrate the Year of Young People.  The events targeted the 16-25 age group and included daytime seminars, discussions, interactive workshops and networking activities featuring a host of music industry professionals from across Scotland and beyond.  Topics covered included monetising music, releasing music, organising and getting gigs, music publishing, streaming, working in music and more. In addition, an evening showcase took place in each city featuring performances from some of the country’s most exciting and diverse young musicians.  

These events were supported by the Scottish Government’s Youth Music Initiative (YMI) programme, which is administered by Creative Scotland. The events featured key figures from the music business taking part in seminars, workshops and advice sessions – all geared to demystifying the industry and providing the basic knowledge to get started.