The band fuse a revival of rock 'n' roll guitar music with pop melodies alike to the 60's whilst carrying a punk energy and huge echoey drums of 80's dance music, Parliamo represent an exciting take on underground pop. Whilst building a live following and a recognition for putting on energetic and memorable live performances, Parliamo play anthems by the youth, for the youth. Coming from the songwriting compound of catchy jangling guitar riffs and melodies from 18-year-old Finn Freeburn Morrison and the street poetry of frontman Jack Dailly, who, citing lyrical influences such as John Cooper Clarke and Mike Skinner, pens lyrics about growing up and being immersed in the life and culture of the defiant youth of modern Scotland. The line up is completed by Fraser Nicholson (bass), Calum Simpson (guitar) and Ben France (drums). The band say their influences include The Stone Roses, The Smiths, Fatboy Slim and Oakzy B amongst others.