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Hello! I've been a freelance (non-paid, obvs) music journalist since I was a wee teenage pup. I'm currently muddling my way through a degree atm, but I have been in love with the music and the things that make it work behind the scenes since my first ever concert at the SECC seeing P!nk perform live when I was 8 years old. As I got a bit older, I started going to shows, and meeting people and then subsequently making some of my best friends at (usually) pop-punk gigs. When I got old enough, I've now since worked at various posts within the Glasgow music industry across the city doing ticketing, box office, repping, merch shifts, promoting, PR, as well as roles on the bars at various music venues across the city. 

Music is what drives me, and I try to put them into words sometimes. 

My online portfolio is here if you'd like to read about some of the musical topics I have covered over the years, and you also can follow me on Twitter if you think you'd be into my Hot Takes about Petiana (RIP that v sweet relationship, RT if u cry evrytim) and generally crying over how I wish Mark Hoppus was my da. I also have a Facebook writer page where I try to be a bit more professional. Whatever works.