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VAJ.Power (b.2016) is a Glasgow based duo comprised of Holly McGowan and Sofya Staune, working mainly with interactive technology, sound and audio-reactive video synthesis in live contexts and how it can be channelled towards more positive application today. Vaj.Power DJ, host a radio show on Subcity, run FUSE nights & animation workshops. >FUSE is a project that focuses on representing live electronic musicians, DJs and animators who create live visuals for the club, especially those who identify as queer, trans, POC, BAME, womxn and femme. The goal is to represent and give artistic freedom to all people involved in the night, along with making the audience comfortable and excited. >FUSE sound lies in bass-driven genres such as grime, dubstep, club and experimental electronics. It also operates a safe(r) space policy and a zero-tolerance to any kind of harassment.

VAJ.Power strive to make >FUSE a non-judgemental space where everyone feels welcomed.


OTR Edinburgh - 17 November
OTR Dundee - 24 November
PANEL: DJ's & Club Culture