Getting Started: Gavin Fort (Verden Studios)

Off The Record spoke to Gavin Fort from Verden Studios about life in the music business...

Q: How did you get your start in music?

A: The studio work was a lucky break, I was doing data entry work in an office for extra cash at uni and the girl next to me asked what I was studying and what I wanted to do when I graduated. Turns out her pal was just in the process of setting up a studio, Verden as it turns out, and she hooked me up, but it was college then uni before then. 

Q: What is best thing about your work?

A: There's an element of freedom that is good (but can also be dangerous) and being a part of realising an artist's or band's creative vision can be very rewarding.

Q: Give us one tip for anyone looking to work in music

A: Enjoy your work but be professional.

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